<mark>Spawanie</mark> Stali Nierdzewnych

Welding of Stainless Steels

Stainless steel is an aesthetic material characterized by high corrosion resistance. For this reason, it is very often used in gastronomy, but also many other industries. To obtain the expected stainless steel element, connecting two or more parts is sometimes necessary: this is precisely welding.

At WtiG We Guarantee

  • Taking care of the aesthetics of the weld
  • Choosing the right welding technique
  • The use of high-quality welds
  • Welding services for both small and large elements
  • Timely implementation
<mark>Spawanie</mark> Aluminium

Welding of Aluminum

Aluminum welding is another item in the wide range of our high-quality services. Thanks to experience, excellent knowledge of the material, and appropriate technical facilities, we can perform almost every weld. Technical facilities enable us to use adequate technology, thanks to which we provide welding services for a wide range of aluminum products.

At WtiG We Guarantee

  • Application of the best practices of aluminum welding
  • The effect of the finish desired by the client
  • Select a weld that meets industry requirements
  • Efficient implementation within the expected deadline
  • The highest durability of the aluminum weld made
<mark>Spawanie</mark> Stali Węglowych

Welding of Carbon Steel

Our qualified team can also perform welding work for small and large components of carbon steel. It is a material that is currently widely used. It is used both in the case of creating items that we use every day in households and the construction of massive structures. So if you are looking for a specialist who will weld carbon steel for you, you are in the right place.

At WtiG We Guarantee

  • Support for many types of projects
  • A method adequate to the technical requirements
  • Reliable welds and the desired finish
  • Support of certified specialists
  • Realization within the agreed time
<mark>Usługa </mark> Toczenia

Turning Service

At WtiG, we provide turning services for specific metal details. Turning is the most popular method of metalworking. It is one of the two stages that make up the machining effect. When turning with a specialized turning tool, a specific layer of material is separated from the surface of the workpiece. We are professionals whom you can entrust with virtually any task.

At WtiG We Guarantee

  • The quality of workmanship backed by many years of practice
  • Comprehensive order fulfillment
  • Taking care of the highest turning precision
  • The use of modern machines
  • Timely work and taking into account customer expectations
<mark>Usługa</mark> Cięcia

Cutting Service

Every day, using, among other things, the cutting technique, we transform steel and aluminum sheets into both simple and complex products. We successfully provide cutting services to sizes up to 220 mm for small, medium, and large enterprises. We also carry out orders for private persons, each time offering the highest quality cutting.

At WtiG We Guarantee

  • Precise cutting of any type of material
  • A wide range of cutting methods available
  • The use of modern machines and solutions
  • Professional customer service and timely implementation
  • Perfect cut, regardless of the shape of the metal
<mark>Szlifowanie</mark> i Polerowanie

Grinding and Polishing

Surface grinding and polishing affect not only the appearance of the material. During processing, metals take shape but change their physical properties. By reducing roughness, we effectively increase the strength of stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum. In addition, correctly performed grinding or polishing ensures that all details are the highest quality.

At WtiG We Guarantee

  • Professional preparation of the detail for grinding
  • Sanding for polishing or varnishing
  • Top-quality polishing of metals
  • Finishing the polisher with a properly selected paste
  • Grinding and polishing hard-to-reach places